Hey there 👋

I'm Danil Hendra Suryawan. You can call me Danil.

I'm a muslim and a software engineer based in Sidoarjo, Indonesia. Currently a full-stack engineer in a South Tangerang-based consulting company.

I'm a computer science graduate from Universitas Pembangunan Nasional "Veteran" Jawa Timur. I've been in touch with programming since high-school, mostly through web-development (HTML, CSS, JS, PHP and stuff). I've graduated in 2023 with 3.9/4 GPA. Have done several internships as a student and have been working as a full-stack engineer since 1 year before graduation.

Now I'm meddling around with technologies like React, TypeScript, and Go. I'm interested in learning more about the cloud-native way, and would love the chance to work with Rust full-time.

I'm a guy with lots of interests, so aside of programming I also do stuff like:

  1. Sports (football, badminton, weightlifting, running, hiking, and combat sports).
  2. Taking pictures (albeit I'm not really good at it :p)
  3. Reading non-technical books (novels, religions, history, politics, financial, just anything other than comics)
  4. Writing (I write poems sometimes by the way)

So feel free to talk to me about those if you happen to have the same interest! :D

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